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Toronto Limo Rentals

Our limousines are top notch in quality but doesn’t disturb your wallet too much. You will always be impressed and satisfied with Toronto Limousine Rentals. Toronto Limo Rentals is perfect for the busy city of Toronto as our drivers have a wealth of experience in handling the daunting traffic of Toronto and we have the vehicles which run great in every situation as to ensure that Hummer Limousine Toronto’s customer experience the smoothest ride possible.

Hummer Limo Toronto

Hummer Limousine Toronto - Our drivers

Great things don’t emerge overnight but are a result of years of hard work and the unwavering determination to succeed. Toronto Limo Rentals has had all the hands-on experience and is now the most popular limousine company in Toronto, with its stunning Hummer Limousines and equalling complementing drivers. Our drivers have the perfect command over not only their vehicles but are also adept and well suited to handling any type of situation, thus rendering you worry free.

Hummer Limousine Toronto

Brand New Models

Our Hummer Prom Limousines are to die for. They are a pure amalgamation of luxury, style, grace and comfort. Travelling in our Hummer Limousines will make your friends envious and your enemies bitter. All Hummer Limousines are brand new releases, in mint condition, licensed and insured. All our drivers are licensed and experienced in driving around Toronto.

Toronto Limo

Toronto Limo is customized and fitted with the latest technology which will allow you to maximise your fun while you are with Toronto Limo Rentals. Some of the impressive features include leather seats, stylish and custom made interior design, high quality lighting effect, temperature control including Air Conditioners and Heaters, LCD TV’s and much MUCH more.

Our Hummer Toronto Limos are available in different sizes and have the capacity of taking care of all your friends and family. So, whether it is a date night or a full blown party, we have the Hummers which can take care of everyone.