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Be a star by simply hiring our Limo Service in Toronto, all your favourite celebrities have, at one time or another appeared at the red carpet in a luxurious Toronto Limo. Never before was a beautiful Limo available to you at such low rates. Live the Hollywood dream by simply making a click and easily choosing the one that suits you the best.

Hummer Limo Service

Most Luxurious Hummer Limo

Toronto Limousines are decorated outwardly as well as inwardly by the best interior decorators around town. Our Limos are magnificently and lavishly decorated with the most luxurious materials like a beautiful and pristine metallic finish.

Hummer Limousine Service

Hummer Limousine Service Toronto

The vehicle of Limo Service Toronto are customised with coolest entertainment toys you have ever seen including multiple large LCD TVs so you can enjoy your favourite videos in pure HD. Listen to your playlist with state of the art surround sound system, play all your favourite CD and DVDs on the go. Not only that Limo Service also offers fully stocked bars laden with your favourite drinks, mood lighting, smoke machines to get the party started. Karaoke machine is another feature of Toronto Limo Service, sing and laugh with your closest friends in a fully private environment.

Hummer Limo Service Toronto

Toronto Limousines are perfect for every event, avail our luxurious, sleek and stylish white stretched limo for all your corporate functions. Travel to all your meetings and other corporate function as business tycoon. If you want fun and nonstop entertainment, than you have come to the right page, here at Toronto Limo Service you get the chance to pick out your dream vehicle which is available in multiple shades and sizes.